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Holland Food Trade

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Who we are

We are Holland Food Trade: Trader in potatoes, onions, carrots, and field vegetables.

Holland Food Trade is a supplier of potatoes, onions, and carrots by origin. The assortment was expanded with field vegetables. All of our vegetables are directly involved with Dutch farmers and packagers. The vegetables find their way to the consumer in and outside the Netherlands via the supermarket channel, market, processing industry, and humanitarian food programmes.

Since the beginning of Holland Food Trade quality, food safety, and flexibility have formed the pillars of its business operation. Field vegetables are grown, stored, and packaged by suppliers who meet the international standards for quality and food safety. We regard it a challenge to support every individual customer, so they can be successful in the market in which they operate.

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What we do


Holland Food Trade believes in combining knowledge and experience in order to be a successful trading partner in the food supply chain.


Straight after harvesting, the vegetables are stored in the mechanical cool storage. Based on knowledge and experience the vegetables are cooled again.


Processing of vegetables traded by Holland Food Trade takes place in Zuid-Holland, Groningen, Limburg, and Noord-Holland with regular farmers and packaging stations.


Vegetables produced and packaged by regular farmers and packagers find their way to consumers in and outside Europe. Holland Food Trade takes care of the distribution.

Our range of pre-packaged field vegetables

All year round, we deliver a wide range of field vegetables. Our sales team will happily inform you of what Holland Food Trade can do for you. The range consists of: potatoesonionscarrotsceleriaccabbage, red beetroots, cauliflower, iceberg lettuce.


Trade in field crop potatoes, onions, and carrots

This is the right place for field crop potatoes, onions, and carrots. Both straight of the land as well as from the mechanical cool storage. Interested? Please contact us.

Mechanische koeling

Holland Food Trade B.V.

Vestiging Noord-Holland
Agriport 109
1775 TA Middenmeer

Holland Food Trade BV

Visiting address Zuid-Holland
Oudelandsedijk 4
3247 LJ Dirksland
The Netherlands

Visiting address Noord-Holland
Agriport 109
1775 ZG Middenmeer
The Netherlands

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