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Dutch Carrots

Dutch carrots

Dutch carrots are tasty, but above all healthy vegetables that are perfectly suitable, both as the basis of a dish or as a snack. Carrots are a source of vitamins (A and C), as well as being one of the best sources of potassium. Additionally, carrots contain a lot of nutrient fibres.

Hofotra partner of Dutch Carrot Group

Hofotra has been an official partner of Dutch Carrot Group ltd. since 2016. This partnership enables us to meet our customers’ need for field crop carrots, as well as pre-packaged carrots, even better. Click the link for additional information about the Dutch Carrot Group.


Dutch carrots are valued for their high quality and storage options. We deliver a wide range of pre-packaged carrots and field crop carrots all year round.

Yellow, purple and white carrots

Supplementary to the standard range of carrots, we also deliver coloured carrots. Coloured carrots are available pre-packed as a mix, and packaged by colour in a 10 kilogram mesh bag or jumbo bag. Below are the available colours:

  • Yellow;
  • Purple;
  • White.


Hofotra supplies Dutch carrots to trading companies, export companies, or the processing industry. Eventually, the carrots find their way to the customer in or outside The Netherlands, through the supermarket channel or markets.


Dutch carrots are available pre-packaged as:

  • 50/250 g (B);
  • 100/300 g (B/C);
  • 200/400 g (C);
  • 400/+ g (D);
  • Other assortments upon customer specification.

Packaging options

The Dutch carrots have been sorted and available in the following packagings:

  • 10 kg mesh bag;
  • 10 kg plastic bag;
  • 10 x 1 kg plastic bag;
  • 20 kg EPS-M;
  • +/- 1100 kg jumbo bag.


Sowing of Dutch carrots starts at the end of February. The fields are cultivated and sowing hills are milled. Next, the carrot seeds are planted with utmost precision. Consequently, the seeds are given time to grow into tasty carrots.


During the harvest, the carrots are stripped of their foliage and are subsequently stored in crates. Once off-land, these crates are immediately brought to conditioned storage.


After the carrots arrival at the storage facility, the temperature is gradually lowered to approximately 2 degrees Celsius. In order to maintain the quality of the carrots during the storage period, attention is also paid to the humidity.


Our Dutch carrots are Global Gap certified.

Other pre-packaged field vegetables

Besides carrots, our assortment contains a variety of other vegetables, like onionspotatoes, white cabbage, red cabbage, savoy cabbage, green cabbage, white pointed cabbage, cauliflower, romanesco, celeriac, iceberg lettuce.