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Dutch cauliflower

Dutch cauliflower

Dutch cauliflower has become an integral part of every kitchen. In addition to its versatility, this vegetable is also very healthy. Cauliflower contains lots of vitamins (B, C, and K) and minerals (potassium, manganese, magnesium, and tryptophan).


Dutch cauliflower is available in May, June, July, August, September, and November.

Coloured cauliflower

If desired, we can deliver: green, orange, purple, or pink cauliflowers.


Cauliflower, supplied by Hofotra, finds its way to the consumer through traders at markets and supermarket chains, both within and outside the Netherlands.

Assortment and packaging options

Dutch cauliflower is available assorted, in the following packagings:

  • Cauliflower (sealed):
    • 7, 9 pieces EPS-M;
    • 7, 9 pieces carton;
    • 7, 9 pieces wooden crate;
    • Other assortments upon request.
  • Cauliflower (naked);
    • 6, 8 pieces EPS-M;
    • 6, 8 pieces carton;
    • 6,8 pieces wooden crate;
    • Other assortments upon request.


Farming cauliflower is a laborious process. Cauliflower seeds are grown into cauliflower plants. The cauliflower plants are subsequently planted in open soil. Summer cauliflower is planted mid-February, and Winter cauliflower in August. During the growth process, the plants receive the right care, like preventing exposure to an abundance of sunlight.


Harvesting of cauliflower takes place from May until December. The cauliflower is cut on the land and stored in crates. These crates are taken to storage.


Straight after cutting on the land, the crates of cauliflower are brought to conditioned storage. There, they are stored and kept at the right temperature and humidity. This process is constantly measured and adjusted to ensure the best quality cauliflower.


Our pre-packaged Dutch cauliflower is Global Gap certified.

Other pre-packaged field vegetables

Besides cauliflower, our assortment contains a variety of other vegetables, like onions, carrots, potatoes, white cabbage, red cabbage, savoy cabbage, green cabbage, white pointed cabbageromanesco, celeriac, iceberg lettuce.