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Dutch Iceberg lettuce

Dutch iceberg lettuce

Dutch iceberg lettuce forms the basis of many salads and dishes. The firm leaves of the iceberg lettuce can also be filled with meat or fish. Furthermore, iceberg lettuce is a low-calorie vegetable, rich in iron, and vitamins (A and C).


Dutch iceberg lettuce is available from May to October.


Hofotra delivers sorted iceberg lettuce for sale both through the supermarket and markets channels. In addition, we can also supply unsorted iceberg lettuce for industrial processing.


Dutch iceberg lettuce is available in the following assortments:

  • 9 pieces/ carton;
  • 10 pieces / carton;
  • 12 pieces/ carton;
  • Other assortments upon request.

Packaging options

Dutch iceberg lettuce is available assorted, in the following packagings:

  • EPS-M;
  • Carton.


Planting of iceberg lettuce plants starts at the end of February. The planting schedule runs until the end of August. During this period, plants are added on a weekly basis. This enables us to provide buyers with a constant flow of iceberg lettuce. During the growth process, the plants are monitored closely to ensure the quality of the end product.


In mid-May, the harvest season for Dutch iceberg lettuce starts. The harvesting team starts cutting the iceberg lettuce early in the morning. Straight after cutting, the iceberg lettuce is packaged and put in boxes according to customer specification.


The full harvesting carts are driven to the modern cold storage, immediately after harvesting. In the cold storage, an automated process follows, which cools the iceberg lettuce back to 3 degrees Celsius using a vacuum cooler. Once the iceberg lettuce has reached the right temperature, it is ready for direct delivery to the customer.


The iceberg lettuce is Global Gap certified. 

Other pre-packaged field vegetables

Besides iceberg lettuce, our assortment contains a variety of other vegetables, like onions, carrots, potatoes, white cabbage, red cabbage, savoy cabbage, green cabbage, white pointed cabbage, cauliflower, romanesco, celeriac.