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Dutch Leeks

Dutch Leeks


The Dutch leek is a tasty vegetable which has become an integral ingredient in contempory cuisine. Like other vegetables, leeks are a source of fibre, nutrition and are low on calories. The Dutch Food Trade supplies leeks for marketing through the fresh market channels such as the supermarket.


Dutch leeks are available throughout the year, as there are summer leeks and winter leeks.


Hofotra delivers leeks to customers in Europe. The leeks find their way to the consumer through the supermarket channel and the fresh markets. Depending on the customer requirements, we deliver the leeks packed in boxes, net bags and/or flowpack.


The leeks are available in the lengths 36 cm and 56 cm.

Packaging options

Hofotra supplies leeks in the following packaging options:

  • 10kg carton box
  • 5kg carton box
  • 10kg net bag
  • 5kg net bag
  • 3kg net bag
  • 2kg net bag
  • 1000 g flowpack in carton box
  • 500g flowpack in carton box
  • 10kg EPS


After the frost is out of the ground, one can start growing leeks. This is normally in the period from the end of February/ beginning of March and ends at the end of July/ beginning of August.

The cultivation of good leeks begins with the preparation of the ground. Old plant remains are removed and the soil is treated in such a way that it has the optimal growth conditions. Then punch holes are made in which the young leek plant is put. The punching holes have the purpose of allowing the leek plant to grow straight and to give a nice white stem. During the growth period, the progress is closely monitored and the leek receives the care it needs.


With a special harvesting machine, the leek is harvested in suitable boxes. Then the freshly harvested leeks are transported to the cool storage.


The leeks in the boxes are stored and immediately after arrival at the cold store, cooled back to a temperature slightly above zero. This preserves the quality, taste and other properties.

Certificates Dutch Leeks

Dutch leek is Global Gap certified.